Where can I come for treatment?
You can arrange an appointment to visit us at our HPD Centre in Markyate. Alternatively, we also arrange client visits at your home or workplace. We also have practioners located in Milton Keynes and Northampton so can cover a wide area in the Home Counties.

Where can I come for personal fitness training?
Again you can visit us at HPD Markyate or we can arrange to meet you at one of the many facilities we use in the Home Counties area.

Are you proffessionals?
We most certainly are and to back up this statement, please look at our qualifications links associated with each team member and about us pages.

How often do I need to make appointments?
Different people with different goals, issues & circumstances need different contact times. We always conduct a needs analysis consultation and assessment with all clients when we start togther. During this consultation we discuss your available time and budget etc. There is certainly no hard selling of sessions and we aim to help you as much as we can.

What do you charge?
You can download a services price list here

Can you cure me?
No treatment, medical or physical can be guaranteed 100% sucessful and some conditions require specialist treatment. However we at HPD pride ourselves on employing the latest scientific methods and have achieved results with some clients that others thought were un-acheivable

Can you make me thinner or fitter?
We can certaintly help with your aspirations regarding weight loss or fitness improvement. Together we can plan a regime of exercise and diet which as long as you stick to will produce the results you are looking for. Remember there is no short cut or easy road, but in the end all the effort will be worth it!

How can I arrange and appointment?
Just visit our contact page and use your prefered method of communication

Do you treat children?
We certainly do and to put your mind at rest all our therapists and coaches are DBS certified. And, if you don't know what that is, DBS is the replacement 'checking and validity' service that used to called CRB.