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Most people would like to be fit, healthy and well, and want to live life to its full potential. The exercise services we provide are all in place to provide the most appropriate exercise training environment and advice for an individual focused around one seemingly simple core value,

"Getting you fitter"

You will often hear people talk about how fit and healthy they are. However, not many people truly understand what the word fitness really means:

"Fitness refers to the ability for an individual to deal with everyday tasks."

This statement refers to an ability across a spectrum of areas and is relative to each individuals needs and circumstances. How often have you heard someone claim they are fit because they can run a half marathon in less than 1 hour 45 minutes, but then pull their back picking a toy from the floor? This person is not fit and needs a professional to advise them why they are not, and how to be.

If you're truly looking to be fitter, healthier and more able we will prescribe an integrated exercise programe designed to correct strength, flexibility and neuromuscular imbalances which may restrict either optimal performance or prevent full recovery from previous injury, surgery or disease. We can also design programmes with coping strategies to reduce disability from neurological conditions like stroke.

Our training programmes are based purely on science and may include the following phases depending on your needs which will become apparent on assessment:

  • Core training
  • Neuromuscular training
  • Flexibility training
  • Hypertrophy training
  • Strength training
  • Power training
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Fitness related advice

Core Training
Core stability training is essential to sports performance and injury prevention. The body's core muscles are the foundation for all other movement. The muscles of the torso stabilise the spine and provide a solid foundation for movement in the extremities. These core muscles lie deep within the torso. They generally attach to the spine, pelvis and the shoulder blade. When these muscles contract, we stabilise the the spine, pelvis and shoulders and create a solid base of support. We are then able to generate powerful movements of the extremities. Training the muscles of the core also corrects postural imbalances that can lead to injuries.

Neuromuscular Training
Muscles are meant to work in specific sequences or patterns to provide optimal function. These patterns may become corrupted due various reasons including incorrect training techniques, injuries or poor working conditions. These corrupt patterns may lead to overuse injuries, headaches, poor training progression and secondary injuries.

This type of training can vary in approach when working with survivors of brain disease and trauma (eg. Stroke). We have the education and experience to help using both methods.

Flexibility Training
A lack of flexibility can be the root of many problems. We will endeavor within our programme to ensure correct levels of flexibility for functional and sport specific requirements using a integrated approach of inhibiting, lengthening and, in the case of stroke, mental calming of muscles.

Hypertrophy Training
Muscle mass increases by a process known as hypertrophy and depending on your personal requirements may be a component in your programme. Only the most up to date techniques are used which may differ to how you have trained before. There are many identifiable variables in relation to resistance training eg reps, sets, intensity etc. which when structured correctly produce optimal results.

Strength Training
Integrated strength is based on a number of variables including cross sectional muscle areas, rate coding and synergistic activity. These variables all require specific forms of training to ensure they are correctly adapted to provide maximal strength. If you think it's just about lifting the heaviest weight, you need to talk to us.

Power Training
Many sports, ranging from rugby to sprinting, require the ability to generate force as quickly as possible rather than just being able to move a huge weight. This is where power training comes in which develops the neuromuscular system to create maximal contractions at high speed increasing Rate of Force Development.

Cardiovascular Training
To stay healthy we all need an optimally functioning cardiovascular system. Not only will this type of training help to prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes etc., but it will also enhance body composition and functional living. We can adapt this type of training to enhance fat burning via hormonal channels, lactate tolerance, mitochondrial density, cellular respiration - all of which provide an increased health benefit.

Fitness Related Advice
The above components all relate to exercise of course. However, no one can truly get fit with exercise alone. An investment in wellness to avoid illness must include advice on nutrition, sleep and stress management. In the case of neurological issues, there are tricks to help the integration back to society with coping strategies. We also have the skills to advise you in these often wrongly considered secondary areas. These things are just as vital to you no matter what you hope to achieve.

No matter how abled or disabled you are some of the aforementioned will apply to you. We have the professional judgement to know just what you need in your current condition to get to where you want to be. We hope you agree and contact us.

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