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Nutritional medicine is based on a ‘holistic’ practice. This means that instead of 'treating' a single sympton or ailment we look at the body as a whole to help identify other reasons that might be contributing to poor health.

It combines the latest in biochemical testing and research to help find clinical answers to help our clients. It is called natural nutritional medicine because the body has the natural ability to heal itself through appropriate nutrients and building blocks to renew, repair and restore your bodies health balance.

Nutritional medicine works on the natural way cells function, by supplying the body with adequate amounts of nutrients through food or supplementation to gain optimum level performance. Unbalanced nutrition causes our bodies to fight, and when our bodies are unable to fight anymore an intervention plan is needed to help regain balance.

Nutritional Medicine or Optimal wellness is giving your body the best possible intake of nutrients to allow your body to be as healthy as it can be and to function optimally.

There are two areas to wellness, preventative, and real time health. We'd all love to put a preventative action plan in place, but from time to time we just do not have time as life is too busy.

This is where our clinical checks would be appropriate, to find any ailments or health issues. There is a range of tests that can be performed ranging from a consultation to a non invasive artery test.

Remember that we are all individuals, so one intervention nutritional plan may not be suitable or beneficial for the next person and that is what makes us humans so unique - it's not too late to implement a healthier lifestyle.

Spencer Wilson about me ...

Having qualified with a Bachelor of Science degree with honours in Sport science, exercise and Nutrition, I decided there was more to nutrition and exercise than meets the eye. I went to study at the institute of Optimum Nutrition were I gained further qualifications and experience over 3 years. Most of my professional career has been with BUPA (British United Provident Association) one of the worlds leading private health organisations, and Spire healthcare where I have worked with some of the leading professors, Doctors and consultant in the UK and Europe.

Whilst working for these leaders in healthcare I have seen over 15,000 clients advising and guiding them on performance exercise, health and nutritional related areas.Spire Harpenden has a reputation for clinical excellence and I continue to refer clients to their highly professional practice.

Additionally, I’m also registered with BASES (British Association of Sport and Exercise Scientist), a member of FNTP (Federation of Nutritional Therapist Practitioners) and am a registered advanced Clinical Phlebotomist.

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