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Testimonials - neurological rehabilitation

Linda Burrett (Mother of Santosh Burrett - Traumatic Brain Injury)

I have known Haley only since July 2013 but during this time I have been astounded by her! I first contacted Haley and her partner Scott in June to ask them to work with our son in our home. My son sustained a serious head injury in July 2010 and now lives at home with us. We employ Haley to work with our son three times a week, an hour each session in her capacity as a neuro-physiotherapist.

It is difficult to describe the difference she has made to our son's rehabilitation without using the word "amazing"! She brings a staggering amount of knowledge and experience for one so young and this can only have been gained by her constant seeking of knowledge and her own personal experiences. We have found Haley to be hard working, dependable, flexible, positive, upbeat, intuitive, fun but also quiet when needed. She never promises what she can't deliver and never expects what is not possible. However she is constantly stretching our son to achieve more.

Haley has been supportive of us all as a family and we all look forward to her visits and like to think of her as a friend. Our son never wants to miss a session and always enjoys Haley's company as well as her treatment. It has been a huger pleasure getting to know Haley and her expertise is a vital part of our son's rehabilitation.

We wish her well in all she does and know that she will succeed and bring much to any task she undertakes.

Vivian Baker (Daughter of Sheila Baker - Stroke Survivor)

We discovered Scott through the Stroke Association after all the NHS rehabilitation services decided that no more viable progress could be made. He was like a breath of positive fresh air for mum (and the family), facing the future wheelchair-bound with no use of right arm or leg, arthritis and worst of all, virtually no language at all.

Scott had an immediate understanding of the situation and was able to read mum's non-verbal communication straight away. Best of all, with his cheery positive disposition, he has made her laugh and relax in what seems an impossibly challenging situation for the stroke survivor. He is very experienced and patient, working with what little movement and language skills she has left and achieving progress tiny bit by tiny bit, where we thought none could be made. He has extensive knowledge of physiology and knowing how to prevent future pain and has done wonders in tailoring an exercise programme suited to mum to stop her seizing up and the arthritis from becoming even more disabling.

Scott is very giving of his time and has been a great friend to mum bringing a consistently smiling face and a positive air of hope and progress each visit. He has also tailored the structure and timing of his visits to suit mum's needs not his own, which is a hugely generous way of working, particularly with people who cannot fit the normal timescale of things because of their individual needs. He has been a godsend and worked above and beyond the call of duty.

Pauline Colclough - Stroke Survivor

Scotty is a friendly person who is very dedicated to his work. He is always very professional and offers great advice. I would like to say thank you very much for helping me Scotty, and it will always be appreciated. I suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage in November 2007. It is a type of stroke caused by bleeding in and around the brain. This resulted in left side weakness of my body and reduced my mobility. I have been working with Scotty for over two years and he has helped me to achieve more self esteem and confidence in myself. I am able to support myself more now and rely less on my husband. I have achieved so much working with Scotty and I'm very proud to be more independent.

Judith Beare - Stroke Survivor

Scott Hills is a very pleasant and enthusiastic young man. He is very passionate about his work and his encouragement inspires his clients to achieve many goals.
Well done Scott and be proud.

Ross Geraghty - ACL Reconstruction Surgery

I have been massively pleased with the results of training with Scott Hills as he has transformed me physically in such a short period of time. After having a serious knee surgery he has given me the confidence to train and push myself harder than I would have ever thought possible. Scott has been extremely helpful and supportive to me and I would recommend him very highly to anyone who needed help with getting fit quickly or rehabilitation.

Valerie Router (Wife of Trevor Router - Brain Tumor)

In October 2011 Trevor was diagnosed with a brain tumor (Acoustic Neuroma). Many months went by and Trevor lost his ability to walk, relied on a stair lift and any enthusiasm to enjoy life had gone. All he did was to sit in a chair and watch TV. He had no interest in even answering the phone or using his computer. Prior to suffering from the brain tumor he loved to play the tuba, but due to the deterioration in his breathing he was also unable to play. In November 2012 I contacted a friend who worked at the Stroke Association who recommended Scotty.

On 23rd November 2012 Scotty came and started working with Trevor beginning a program of 2-3 sessions per week. The change in Trevor by Christmas was greater than we could have ever imagined. Trevor was walking around the home with his frame, and his co-ordination was noticeably improving, despite the tumor not reducing in size. In late January 2013 things really started to come together. Scotty got a reluctant Trevor walking outside with his frame and within the house aided with a stick. Trevor is also now able to get up and down the stairs independently holding the banisters firmly, but without his stair lift. He is now capable of getting up and down from the floor by himself, which has allowed Scotty to add floor exercises to sessions.

Trevor's interaction and conversations with Scotty have led to him, once again, wanting to answer the phone and see his friends. Trevor is simply a different person from last year and it's all thanks to Scotty's hard work and professional advice. In February 2013 thanks to Scotty's persistent encouragement he turned on the computer again, wet shaved, helped with cooking and washed up. Scotty has made an enormous difference to Trevor's life, a difference noticed by our family, friends and at our most recent check-ups at the GP surgery. Trevor's GP has asked us to send a well-done message to Scotty, as he too is overwhelmed by the improvements.

Throughout March and April Trevor's confidence improved immensely. He has stopped needing a frame to walk and now uses only one stick. He walks around the house and from the church car park to inside the church independently. With Scotty for support and confidence Trevor can walk as far as 100m around the block. Also, within the home, Trevor can go up and down stairs using only one rail, balancing a biscuit on a plate in the other hand.

His walking is still a little stiff but what an amazing difference! I know he will achieve his goals with Scotty's care and support. Throughout May he has progressed further in the home and is now bringing me breakfast in bed with coffee. What a star and I think he is one in a million. Trevor is doing well in his exercises with Scotty. He has even greater strength and can now walk around Morrison's with a shopping trolley. Trevor now gets very tired at nights due to his more active days, but we know this will improve with time too. Without the help of Scotty, Trevor would not have achieved this progress in this time, or even at all we fear.<

To have someone like Scotty coming into your home who is always full of fun and energy, always has time to talk, and always works so hard to help in anyway he can is beyond words. We have now recommended Scotty to two of our good friends. They too continue to progress greatly with Scotty. We all can't thank Scotty enough for all he does!

Ellie-Georgia Mockridge (Grand-daughter of Lynnette Thompson - Stroke Survivor)

My nan is a stroke survivor. At first she was unable to do many things. Since she started going to the gym she is able to do a variety of things such as: showering herself, washing up, making breakfast for herself (and) walk. Now she has got a scooter she goes on it to the local shops. She can write with the hand she used to write with before her stroke (and) wind her husband up and many other things.

A massive thank you to our hero Scotty Hills.

Carol Crocker - Spondylolisthesis

When I first met Scott I was very inactive and discussed taking a few sessions with him to kick-start my health and fitness regime, to tone up, and hopefully lose some weight. Thanks to Scott's encouraging and positive approach, he soon motivated me back into the benefits of regular exercise and as a result I quickly started to see the results I wanted. During my time with him I was diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis.

Against these odds, Scott sympathetically addressed my condition by concentrating on core strength training to help stabilise movement yet still providing a varied, enjoyable and very challenging exercise program to help keep me focused. Scott also helps with training at my own gym by devising a personal training program that he regularly updates along with valuable weight loss, nutritional and fitness advice.

I have been training with Scott for almost 2 years now and I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with him. I feel healthier, fitter, toned and generally better about myself. I could not have achieved such great results without his help, guidance and motivation. Thank you Scotty!

Emma Lenander - Rheumatoid Arthritis

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis about 8 years ago. My condition steadily deteriorated to the point where I could only manage work for 15 hours a week. On bad days I had to bump downstairs and couldn't lift a kettle to make a cup of tea. My weight had increased due to the low levels of activity, and I tried several different exercise programmes in order to lose it, but I couldn't find a way to exercise without hurting my joints.

I couldn't join most classes because of my condition. The last straw was when I entered the Race for Life. I struggled to walk it and was ill for 2 weeks after. It was then that I started looking for a personal trainer. I emailed a site online and explained my condition. Scotty was in my living room less than a week later.

It was such a relief to find someone who not only understood my condition, but also how it affected every aspect of my life. Scotty developed a programme that developed my muscles without stressing my joints and increases my general fitness levels. My joints have improved beyond measure. My quality of life is fantastic in comparison. I work fulltime, have my own business, jump out of bed every morning and can make a round of tea at work now! I even entered the Race for Life and I RAN that 5km!
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